# Location Information

# Assessment of When to Evacuate during Flood and Sediment Disasters

  • The hazard level of your home, etc. in the event of a flood and sediment disaster is determined based on the selected location and the structure of a building you are in.
  • Select the structure of the building (wooden or non-wooden) and the number of stories of the building (the number of stories in a detached building or the story in a housing complex where you live) to display the assessment results.

In the event of a disaster, please act at your own discretion

Evacuation behaviors that can be assessed from the Assessment Map for When to Evacuate during Flood and Sediment Disasters are merely based on one scenario estimated from calculations. Actual floods may not occur as estimated. So even if the assessment result says “you can stay there if it is too late for you to evacuate”, please pay attention to information such as weather information, water level information, and evacuation information, as well as to what is going on around you, and take appropriate action at your own discretion.

# Flooding

  • This section shows the maximum depth and duration of flooding (only the estimated maximum) read from the flood-prone area maps and flood hazard information maps by river size and flood size.

# Sediment Disasters

  • This section shows the designation status of sediment disaster alert areas.

# Earthquake Disasters

  • This section shows the "shaking (seismic intensity)" and "liquefaction hazard level" resulting from an earthquake.
  • For details of numerical values and assumptions on earthquakes, please see the Estimated Earthquake Damage.

# Nearby Shelter and Evacuation Sites

  • Nearby shelters and evacuation sites are displayed in order of proximity.

  • Select a disaster type to display shelters and evacuation sites that correspond to the disaster type.

  • Disaster types are automatically switched according to the map but can be changed manually as well.

  • The displayed “distance” and “time” are based on an estimate of the distance when you walk from the selected location to the shelter or evacuation site, and the time required to walk there.

  • Select to display a route to the shelter or evacuation site on the map.

Please be careful

  • The displayed routes do not take the following conditions into account. Please check whether it is possible, or safe, to take a route before actually trying to evacuate using it.
    • Whether or not cars can get through
    • Entrance to the shelter or evacuation site
    • Hazards in the event of a disaster, such as flooded roads

# Elevation

  • This section shows the elevation of the selected location.
  • The elevation is supplied by the Digital Elevation Model based on Fundamental Geospatial Data (aerial laser survey) created by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI).

# Latitude and Longitude

  • This section shows the latitude and longitude coordinates of the selected location.
  • Double-click on a coordinate value to switch the display units of a coordinate.